Thursday, October 6, 2011

Everything is NOTHING & Nothing is EVERYTHING

Everything is nothing and nothing is everything. When you realize that everything you have been holding onto as the key to happiness is a lie and realize that instead it is the smallest seemingly most insignificant things that are what matter most, it shakes you in a very profound way. I have had many of these moments which have helped open my eyes to new ways of thinking and viewing the world; ways that I now live my life. Everything is prospective and programing. Any and all situations in your life can be viewed in multiple ways. It is your interpretation of these events that determine the reality of the situation. It is always a choice to see things in different ways. What I have found is that you must try to learn the lesson in every situation and take that as the message, don't fall into the unconscious pattern of the situation. See the pattern, acknowledge your part in it. When you can do that it is easier to walk away from the event not feeling so much pain, shame, guilt, hurt, blame, or whatever other emotion it trying to be played out by your past conditioning. It is when you choose not to learn the lesson that we are damned to repeat it, and who wants to keep doing that?!?!? We all have a past; from the time we are born we are being imprinted (programmed) with messages. Message from our family, religion, society, the media, friends, etc....It is those messages that help us determine who we are, how to feel, what is important, how to live our life. Much of the time we are living out these programs as if they are our own; never taking into account if that is something that WE actually believe or if it was something adopted into our programing by one of these sources or situations in our life. The best way I have learned to overcome and recognize my programing is to start my looking at some of the big topics like religion, self image, relationships, money, power, etc... When I think of these things, what thoughts come up? A lot of the time you will hear other peoples words play through your head. For example, "people cant be trusted," "you have to work hard for your money," "I will be happy if someone loves me," "I am not pretty unless I am skinny," "I need to have lots of money and expensive things to be successful," "my religion is the RIGHT religion." All of these types of thoughts play through your head all day....everyday! When you notice them, STOP! For just a second and ask yourself, where did that belief come from and how is it that YOU really FEEL about that subject. More often than not you will find that it is something you were programmed with a long time ago, or it is something that you adopted along the way. As a family we actually take on our parents beliefs and play them out through life times; like a karmic chain. If we can overcome some of the family programing beliefs we are not only freeing ourselves, but also freeing past and future generations! (It is something to think about....and definitely something worth while to try to make the effort to help change.)
I urge you to give it a try. Start asking why!!!!! Pretend you are a little kid again and start asking questions, but this time don't ask others......ASK YOURSELF! Self awareness is truth, truth is source, source is life, and life is consciousness.